Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday Receivables - Bath and Body Products by Crowley Manor

I came across this shop looking for items for a new Treasury, and thought that any soap that looks good enough to eat must be pretty special! Until I read the titles, I really thought this shop was full of baked goodness. Check out this Orange Truffle Kahlua It's Coffee Sweet Almonds e.o, Vanilla and Orange e.o. - 5 oz - AKA the OMG II Soap. How pretty is that?!

Or Orange Delight - cold process soap orange essential oil soap - moisturizing, with rich lather. I am also loving the Lemongrass Splendor - Gently purify your skin - Moroccan Red Clay Lemongrass EO Olive Oil Handmade Cold Process Soap - 5 oz - lemony and refreshing.

There are at least a dozen more flavors I wouldn't mind trying out!

1 comment:

  1. I was tricked! I thought these are some yummy cakes! LOL. Think we got to put these far away from the kids (or even adults) in the house. Oh no.. stay away, Ruby!