Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hi everyone! I am back. Some good news, and some not-so-good news. First, we had a conference, and despite my mischievous behavior last week (and every week before that), Momma has agreed to solidify my position as The Purrrrmanent Kitten Guest Writer every Wednesday. Meow!!!

The bad news is, Momma tricked me. If you recall, last week I shared with you that I drink water out of glasses that humans leave unattended all over this apartment. In case you happened to miss it, you can read about it here. Well, Momma read that and quickly found a work-around. You see, everyone was using these short square glasses, and they were purrrfect. Now, Momma has switched to using similar glasses, only they're taller and skinnier. Here they are next to each other.

Taller is not the issue here; the problem is, my head is too big to get into the skinnier glasses! I tried really hard.

Then I tried some more.

It just wasn't working.

Ah well, I can still splash water! Be back next week, everyone!


  1. We will look forward to hearing from you every Wednesday, Ruby! Until then, I'm sure you can find some news ways to cause mischief :)

  2. Congrats Ruby for officially becoming Wednesday's writer! I love reading your write ups. Oh, what a tricky momma you have. You'll have to keep a close watch of her, and hope that she doesn't deter you too much from doing what you want, hehe :)

  3. ruby, congratulations on your new position at the blog. and don't apologize or feel bad for drinking from the water glasses, after all, your mommy and daddy did leave them sitting about. what do they expect from us furballs. cali