Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday Irreplaceables - Air Conditioner!

Yesterday was the first hot day of the summer. It was 93 degrees and humid, so it felt like 100 degrees. We are lucky to have had such a mild summer so far!

I am convinced that air conditioners are one of the best inventions ever! I very much appreciate having them both at work and at the apartment, and have a hard time comprehending how people EVER lived without them.

Stay cool, everyone!


  1. don't get me started talking about heat and the miserable week we had here in seattle recently. with no central a/c we purchased a floor a/c unit with a tube running out the window. useless. it doesn't cool. i'm convinced the window units are soooo much better. pam

  2. I totally agree!!
    When I was younger it didn't effect me.But, now,oh boy!!! I hate being without it!
    It's been horribly muggy here in Massachusetts (98%) UGGHH!! and we have been waiting for the summer to start...It finally did but, now I am wishing for the crisp, cool air of fall! Don't hate me sunworshipper's!! LOL