Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday Irreplaceables - Nutella

We don't buy Nutella very often, but when we do, I always wonder how I made it so long without it. Seriously, this stuff is so deliciously addicting!

Next time you get a crepe, try one with Nutella and bananas - you will not be disappointed! To enjoy it in the comfort of your own home, cut up a sour apple and dip it in Nutella for a delicious (and not so nutritious) snack! A couple of weeks ago, I had Nutella-filled French toast for brunch. It was by far the best French toast I've ever had! I tried to replicate it at home this weekend, and still have some work to do. As soon as I perfect it, I'll share it with you!


  1. I would take Nutella in an IV drip, if I could.

  2. i've never had this but have heard it's awesome. i seriously don't need to buy it, cause i'd probably eat the whole jar in an afternoon. this gets mentally filed away with krispy kreme donuts.

  3. Costco sells it in a two pack and it's by far the best price there. I introduced my husband to Nutella a few years back and he can't believe he lived off of Peanut Butter and jelly when he was a kid, he says he would have much rather of had nutella sandwiches (that's the chocoholic in him talking). What we do is to have a Nutella and banana sandwich. Spread nutella on both sides of the bread, slice bananas and put onto and there you have it! Yummy!