Sunday, September 13, 2009

Body Scrub on a Budget

While I was getting a facial a few weeks before my wedding, I expressed interest in getting an exfoliating body treatment. The cosmetologist said she'd be happy to schedule an appointment for me, but suggested that I can reach the same results at a much lower cost at home. I was pleasantly surprised by her honesty, and asked her to suggest her favorite homemade body scrub recipes. Here they are - I've tested them out, and they're fantastic!

Sea Salt Scrub: Mix sea salt and a little lotion (for easier application).

Brown Sugar and Honey Scrub: Mix brown sugar, honey and a little lotion (again, adding lotion will make it easier to scrub your skin).

Both of these recipes are low tech, simple and effective! Feel free to share your favorite homemade scrubs.


  1. great, thanks for sharing. i stopped by the lush store last week. picked up a facial scrub and mask. love it so far. pam

  2. Homemade is always better, imo. Will try these soon!