Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Wearables - Keshi Pearls!

I think by now it is no secret just how unhealthy my fascination with keshi pearls is. In addition to regular size, I found the most incredible jumbo keshi pearls here in NYC! I hurried up and made several pieces with them already. Here they are:

Glamorous Pearl Girl Earrings - Jumbo White Keshi Pearls and Sterling Silver Earrings
Simplicity Collection Necklace - Sterling Silver Chain Necklace with Jumbo Peacock Keshi Pearl

Happy long weekend! I am excited about my first day off since I started working. No big plans - we'll go to Central Park if it's as nice as it has been!


  1. Fantastic...I too have this think for Keishi Pearls..It started when I lived in Japan and I have to buy them when I see them...I haven't run across the really bigs ones but would love too...Your pieces are beautiful...