Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hi everyone -

I have been punished. I guess I deserved it. First, I stole Papa's glasses from the dresser while he was sleeping the other night. I played with them for a bit, and they ended up under the bed. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but it was so fun I couldn't help it. When he got up, he couldn't find them and was really frustrated. That did not result in any serious repercussions (only a light reprimand) because Momma found the glasses in a few hours.

Then, last night, I woke up at 3 am and couldn't sleep. I went on to play and kept knocking things off the desk, dresser and so on. That created a lot of noise, and Papa couldn't sleep. You know what he did? He locked me out of the bedroom! Sigh.

I will try to do better tomorrow. For now, I am going to sit in my basket and think about what I did wrong.



  1. Ohhh... poor Ruby. I hope you'll be released soon. *pat on the head.


  2. Well Ruby as your Godmother I can see your point of view, hehe, you poor thing. Next time here's what you do, go to Papa look him in the eye and give he a rub on the cheek and maybe a kiss. He'll think it's so sweet that he couldn't possible get mad at you. Oh, and when you make lots of noise, run quickly next to your momma in bed and pretend you've been sleeping the whole time. Good luck staying out of trouble Ruby!

  3. she's sooooooo cute, Janna! I love Ruby! now i know why kitties like baskets so much -- it's their thinking and reflecting spot.

  4. oh you poor girl, ruby. my mommy got wise to me awhile ago. she always keeps her glasses in a hardcover case at night and clears the dressers and bathroom vanity of all loose objects before bed. mommy's VERY cranky when i've kept her up all night. cali