Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Unreasonables - No More Dressing

Last Thursday, I came to work to find a note on the fridge that said that the fridge would be cleaned the next day. The note also said to clearly mark anything you did not want thrown away with a sign "Do not discard".

I printed up a large "'Do not discard" sign and taped it up to the bottle of dressing I keep in the fridge.

The day after the fridge was cleaned, I found out that my dressing got thrown away. Should not have bothered with the note after all!


  1. Are you sure we don't work in the same office?!

  2. Yes, what was the point? Maybe you should have taped a "do not discard" sign on the "do not discard" sign and seen what happened :)

  3. Oh no...! It reminds of my last workplace.