Thursday, September 3, 2009

Weird Facts about NYC

I thought I'd start a new topic! It will not be a weekly feature; it will appear as often as I think of weird stuff I have experienced in the Big Apple! To those of you living in big cities this may not be weird at all, so bear with me and pretend that it's weird anyway. :)

Today, I have two facts for you:

1. At Christmas, we have to tip our super, the doormen and maintenance men. How many doormen there are, you ask? I've lost count. You are probably wondering how much we have to tip. That is a good question, and when we figure it out, we will let you know! Now, since we will have only lived in the building for six months by Christmas, I think we should cut the tips in half. Don't you think it's fair?

Oh yes, and if something breaks, and the maintenance man fixes it throughout the year, he expects a tip.

2. The dentist (as opposed to a dental hygienist) cleans your teeth. I have no explanation for this, and I find it plain weird. Unless we picked a really lousy dentist who's doing so poorly that he has to cut costs. That's probably the case!

More weird facts to come when I think of them!


  1. Now I see why they say it's an expensive city to live in ~ all that tipping . . . yikes!

  2. #1 reminds me of the friends episode where ross moves in to a new bldg and on day 1 he's asked by his neighbors to pitch in on a retirement gift for the super. so not fair.

    #2 never heard of that one. what does the hygienist do??

  3. LOL Janna, not sure if i could handle or keep track of all that tipping.

    We go to a family dentist, his wife works the front office and he has has the same assistant who is a hygienist since he opened like 20 years ago. Sometimes my dentist will come and clean my teeth if she's busy with another patient and then she'll finish me off. I guess it depend on the kind of practice they have.