Saturday, September 5, 2009


Usually I never give much thought to anything that has to do with haircuts. If I feel like cutting my hair short, I do it instead of agonizing over it. If I end up with a bad haircut, even that doesn't bother me. It'll grow out in a couple of weeks (or I can wear a hat until it does).

Something happened over the last few weeks. I keep going back and forth about getting a haircut or not. For reasons I do not understand, I am all of a sudden completely incapable of making a decision on this. When I first chopped my hair to a bob about a year ago, it was a longer bob. Over the year, it slowly became a very short bob. Now it's somewhere in between. My friend (who went to get the original haircut with me last summer) thinks I should wait, but I want to cut it to give it a refreshed look. Then I look at it and think that it doesn't look so bad, and think that maybe she's right.

I think I'm going to cut it tomorrow. Or maybe not.

What's a girl to do?


  1. wow, i admire your (once?) casualness about haircuts. i'm a haircut-every-5 weeks gal. have to be with such short hair. and then when it's cut, is it even/symmetrical?? is this clump thicker than the other side?? do these 2 bang hairs need to be shorter? i'm sure i drive my hairdresser crazy! she says no, but i'm sure she's just being polite. good luck deciding! and happy labor day weekend! pam

  2. LOL Janna, I get that way too. You've got a beautiful face and I'm sure anything that you do will look great on you. Like Pam said though, having shorter hair takes more maintenance. I had a really cute short hair cut a few years back that I loved, but it was a cut that had to be maintain so much more than having shoulder length hair, when short short hair grows it's really noticeable that the hair cut you had needs cutting again. I think your hair length is perfect, what about just getting some layers in it?

  3. Have a couple of glasses of wine then make the decision..If it doesn't turn out the way you want get out the hat and blame it on the wine...Hang in there you will make the right choice....

  4. I say do it! Go short ~ short hair is so cute. I'm with you ~ hair grows back. I never fret over it. Make sure to post a picture of your new 'do!