Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where Do You Like to Play?

Hi all! Ruby here again.

I thought today I'd tell you about where I like to play most. It's the bathroom. Why, you ask? Because I can get my paws on a lot of various little makeup items, and playing in the sink is a lot of fun for no particular reason. Before Momma catches on, here is what I do every day.

First, I hide in the tub until I can make sure the coast is clear. Let's see.

Looks like it is. I think I can come out! I have to be quiet when I do this, or else I will get busted.

What?! I do not see any makeup I can steal. Hmmm...

It's OK, I can still cause mischief in the sink.

Oh, and biting the shower curtain is always a good time.

Meow until next Wednesay!


  1. ruby, i swear you and cali are from the same litter! cali's favorite place is the bathtub and sinks. sometimes i can hear her upstairs (while i'm downstairs) doing laps in the bathtub. pam

    ps love the shower curtain! so ny.

  2. oh gosh, i just looked at the shower curtain again. is it new york?? or london? or neither. and i need my eyes checked?

  3. So cute! I was still trying to search for her in the first pic. lol. And she looked so tiny in the bathtub. My dog hates the sink because that is where we bath him (he hates bathing time). ha.


  4. The pic of Ruby peeking out from behind the shower curtain is too precious! I love it!

  5. Ruby you are getting so big! I love that you play in the bath tub, you're too cute. Did you ever figure out what momma did with all her make-up? See you next Wednesday Ruby :0)