Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Love Chicken!

Momma made some barbeque chicken for dinner recently.

Boy was it good!

I sure hope she made enough for her and Papa, because I took care of this piece.

Much chicken to you all,


  1. Omg!! hahaha.. can cat actually eat that?? I can't allow my dog to eat just anything.. he will have trouble digesting it and vomit under the sofa! But then again, the chicken looked so delicious, I wouldn't be able to resist too.


  2. oh my gosh - too cute!! looks like you'll need to cook a little bit more to share around!
    hey its so cool you live in NYC...lucky!!

  3. Ruby you've got the best personality! You're just like my little guy, Logan, so cute but oh so naughty. It's his saving grace that he's so darn cute and I think it's yours too!