Monday, October 12, 2009

jaC Procures on Etsy - Orange Ya Glad Earrings by DreaminofBeadin

I have known Stacy, the very talented creator of these beautiful pieces, for almost two years now. I found a link to her Etsy shop on a bead vendor's website, and decided to e-mail her to see how she liked Etsy. I didn't know much about it then and didn't know anyone who had a shop. I decided that if Stacy had a good experience on Etsy, I'd give it a try myself.

Well, not only did Stacy enthusiastically respond to my e-mail and share her experience; she also provided me with all sorts of tips and useful information! As a result, I signed up for Etsy, and the rest is history. :)

Stacy and I have remained in touch and exchange beads and other jewelry-making materials once in a while! It's a little bit like having a pen pal who sends you beads instead of letters. Once she surprised me with the beautiful smoky quartz stones I used to make these earrings. Another time, I sent her white keshi pearls she used to create these stunning earrings.

Recently I purchased these lovely Orange Ya Glad - Vintage Lucite Earrings from Stacy (pictured above). I wore them to dinner the night they arrived! The adorable lucite beads look like little pumpkins, which makes these earrings perfect for this season! Another bonus? They are weightless! Just love them and can't wait to wear them again!


  1. Wow ~ what a pleasant surprise to find you blogging about little ol' me :)

    I should say that now you're the one giving me the tips ~ not just on Etsy but for lots of other stuff. I'm glad you reached out!

    Thanks Janna, you're so kind! I'm glad you love the earrings.

  2. The earrings are beautiful and I love those beads!

    Janna, you introduced me to Stacy and I am so thankful for that! Stacy is a sweet and wonderful person and it's been great fun sharing and exchanging info and many other topics with both you and Stacy. :0)