Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kitty-Related Absurdity

A few days ago I recalled that my in-laws got a cat hammock while on vacation. I wasn't sure if I dreamt it, or if they really bought one. It just seemed so silly to buy a hammock for one's cat! Now, you know that I am a cat lover, and it takes a lot for me to call a kitty product silly. I asked Husband, and it turns out that they really did buy one! Out of all the pet products out there, I think this one takes the prize.

I Googled cat hammocks to get a visual. Here is one. Here is another (pictured). They are not cheap, either (not that a low price would justify it in my mind).

What's next - pet sunglasses?


  1. I suppose kitties need gym equipment too, but I fully agree that it's absurd (and a waste of money!)

    Did you notice the one website has a button that says "Purrrchase Now"?? That's cute!

  2. They have pet sunglasses..they look like goggles that they wore when flying in the early 1900's..My husband was on a job a few weeks ago and taking a break an here comes this big Golden Lab wearing a pair...He said he just had to laugh the dog looked so silly...The owner said they were a present and the Dog loved them..Go figure..I can just see my Cats in them...No I can't they would freak out....

  3. Do you think Ruby would like this? CUTE! Lol.
    Have fun on your business trip! :)