Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Now I Know Why Momma Likes to Make Jewelry!

Hi all -

It's Ruby again! What I am going to tell you about today is Top Secret stuff, so you are going to promise me not to tell Momma about this under any circumstances.

The other night, while Momma stepped away from her jewelry-making, I got into her beads! I found an entire basket full of shiny silver wire; all kinds of stones and pearls; and other fun stuff!

Then I found more stuff - pearls (aren't they pretty?!) and all sorts of silver components...

I really wanted to make something, but instead both containers ended up on the floor. :(

If Momma knew about this, she'd most definitely lock me out next time she makes jewelry. Don't tell her, please! I know I can trust you. Till next week!



  1. Ah Ruby, you are too cute! Maybe, one of these days you can surprise your mamma and make her something. She'll love that :)

  2. Aw, so cute! Don't worry Ruby, your secret is safe with me! ;-)