Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday Watchables - Who Loves Michael Scott?

I don't watch much TV; in fact, the only show I watch religiously is The Office. I never watched the English version and thought that the show was weird at best. It took me three or four episodes to really "get" it and discover how hilarious it really is! Husband has always been a huge fan, and now we don't miss an episode if we can help it.

Last year, Husband discovered The Mentalist, and we started watching that also. (Simon Baker is the lead, which is enough reason for me to watch it!) When we found out that it was moving to Thursday nights, we were thrilled! I am sad to say that the late show time (10 to 11 pm) makes it hard for us to watch it; we have only been able to stay up twice since the new season began. If you're up at that time, check it out!

What do you watch on TV?


  1. i've never seen either one, janna. i hear so much about the office, but if i started watching it now i'd feel like i was walking into a movie halfway thru.

    i watch grey's anatomy (but admit it's losing my interest) and desperate housewives. ok fine, i watch bravo too. the "real" housewives are a train wreck... you can't not watch.

  2. I feel the same was as Pam about the office. Chris and I have tried watching it a couple of time and it couldn't get into it.

    I really only watch about an hour of T.V. a night but thankfully we have Tivo and can record shows to watch later. We're always behind on the shows and every once in a while we veg on a weekend and catch up. Our favorites are, Castle, Lie to me, and 30 Rock. We have been watching Desperate House Wives since the show started but we're starting to loose interest on that one now.