Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Gold Star for Husband!

I have been craving bubble milk tea with tapioca for several years now. I haven't been able to buy it for any particular reason.

Last week, Husband showed up with a cup of bubble milk tea; he bought it for me at a Chinese restaurant all the way in Flushing and carried it back on the subway (for about an hour)! I was so excited, until I discovered that he sampled the tea on the way and drank two thirds of it. (The first time he tried my tea a few years ago, he did not like it. This time, he discovered that it is very good! Go figure.) Still, it was a pleasant surprise.

Today, Husband delivered a full cup of bubble milk tea from the same place! It traveled all the way from Flushing on the subway for an hour, and he managed to stay out of it. :) It was delicious! Husband gets a gold star for this one, don't you think?

Don't worry. I shared.


  1. Bubble tea!! My favorite drink!! You can't imagine how excited I was for you when I saw this pic! Do you like the taste? :) I need my weekly dose of bubble tea! My favorite is milk tea or honey green tea. yummy!! The fact that your hubby gave you such wonderful surprises (not forgetting those pretty flowers he bought you not long ago), how sweet!!

  2. Yes, he does! I'd love to try it, do you think he'd bring some all the way to MI??