Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Need your Opinions!

Do you know what this is? This is the last survivor of a martini glass family of five.

I am sad to say that as a result of my antics this weekend, the glass is no longer usable. I broke it (and the first four earlier). I know. I am not very proud.

Hiding from embarrassment.

To make Momma feel better, I am shopping for a new set of Marini glasses for her! I finally figured out this Google thing (the things I learn because I get myself in trouble!). First up are Temptation Martini Glasses. I like them. They are blue and pretty, and look like they'd be fun to play with.

Or maybe I should get something less tempting... like these Dizzy Cocktail Glasses. Do you think these are suitable for martinis though?

Now this set of Retro Aluminum Martini Glasses is Ruby-proof. The most damage I can do is spill that green Apple Martini all over the cream carpet. On the second thought, that's a LOT of damage. I will do my best not to do it.

Which ones? Thanks for your help, everyone! Much catnip to you all,



  1. The blue are really pretty (first ones). Tha plastic ones look a bit tacky.

  2. Hi Ruby,
    I don't want to tempt fate, but I like the first set of glasses. :)

  3. Ruby, you need to stay away from those martinis ~ you weigh how much? Goodness knows you can't hold your liquor :)

  4. I love the blue ones! Very elegant and will never go out of style!

  5. The blue ones are my favorite too! I do like the metal one though, they are actually prettier in person, I've seen them and they have a really pretty brush silver finish to them, and they would be Ruby proof.

    Ruby you're just like my Logan (5 year old boy) he gets into so much trouble but because he's so darn cute he gets away with it. xo Ruby!

  6. ruby, get the aluminum ones. they're in jewel tones and you know how your mommy likes jewels. cali

  7. Oh I love the blue ones! On second thought, I do like the aluminum ones too..and they're Ruby-proof. Lol. Sorry Ruby, can't be of much help. You have great taste!