Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Receivables - Christmas Tree Ornaments

We are getting a Christmas tree this year! We have never gotten one before. We don't have any ornaments. I was curious to see what I could find on Etsy, and here are a few finds I loved!

Mr. and Mrs. Hoot....Christmas Owl ornaments....Amy Butler fabric, $28, from aprilfoss

One Sweet Linen Tree Ornament, $24, from allthingswhite

Mini Hand Knit Christmas Stockings, set of 2, $9.50, from PrairieThreads

Pink Peppermint Ornament, $35, from fernanimals


  1. oh, i love them all! good for you. i never had a real tree til we moved to seattle. now thanksgiving weekend we go to the local tree lot (proceeds benefit a boys group, which i like) and pick our tree. i love the way it makes the house smell. ruby's gonna have fun with a tree!! remember... no tinsel (for ruby's sake). pam

  2. Super cute ornaments! You're going to have a great time collecting ornaments each year to go on your tree.

    Something that we do each year is to get an ornament that represents something that we loved from that year. The kids love it too and remember fondly why we have a particular ornament.