Monday, January 18, 2010

jaC Procures on Etsy - More Lunch Buckets from HandyHelpers!

Susan of HandyHelpers is no stranger to this blog and to my readers. She created this fabulous lunch bucket that I have been using daily to bring lunch to work.

A couple of months ago, I noticed that my lunch bucket started to disappear some days. Ruby swore she didn't take it. It turned out that Husband had been taking it to work to bring his lunch! He expressed interest in a similar item, and I contacted Susan to see if she'd make Husband his very own lunch bucket using manly prints. She, of course, let me choose my own fabric, and custom-made the most perfect lunch bucket - one you'd expect a man's man to carry around. (I thought he looked kind of cute carrying around my floral bucket.) He couldn't wait until Christmas, so he got it as an early gift and put it to good use right away. Here it is:

Then, when my sister visited recently, she saw my lunch bucket and said she'd like one like it but bigger. Well, the great thing about Etsy is that you can customize just about anything! I contacted Susan with the measurements my sister had in mind, we picked out fabrics, and two weeks later these beautiful buckets came in the mail:

Mine is on the left, my sister's is on the right. (Even though I already have one, what's better than one lunch bucket? That's right, TWO lunch buckets!) I love how roomy they are; each fits Tupperware of any size you want, and a few extra things! It can even be used as a small bag.

Visit Susan's HandyHelpers shop if you'd like a bucket or two for yourself!


  1. love these! almost wish i worked outside of the house just so i could carry one of these. pam

  2. These are soooo adorable! I thought of sewing one together, but I figured if I can buy 'em from someone who is obviously much more talented than me, I'll do that instead. Very cute!

  3. These are wonderful! I'm with Pam, almost wish I worked outside of the house to have one of these. Hmm, but they would make a great holder for a picnic for two though.

  4. I have a similar one, although bought off Etsy, these are sooo handy. Your lunch buckets look great!

  5. LOL at the idea of your husband carrying a floral lunch bag :D