Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Meet Dash!

This adorable little guy is a two-month old kitten Dash! He is my God brother. His adoptive mother, Alison, and her family fell in love with him at the shelter just a few days ago and brought him home!

The funny thing is, Alison is the only girl in the family. She's got a husband and three energetic boys. She wanted a girl kitty, but girls were nowhere to be found. And now they have Dash! It must have been fate. ;)

Although we haven't met in person, we already saw each other on Skype. We also keep in touch via e-mail. It's so great to finally have a God brother!

Dash is a mischievous little guy. He is remarkably similar to myself - he bites his Momma's silver wire when she makes jewelry and tackles her; just like I, he must be in the same room with humans; he is incredibly naughty and he even looks a little bit like me. Even though he lives all the way across the country in CA, I think he may just be my brother from another mother!

Please extend a warm welcome to Dash!

Much love,


  1. Hi Ruby, it's Dash! Thank you for writing this great blog post about me, you are so sweet!

    Yep, I'm a naughty little guy, but you know my momma seems to love me more cause I'm naughty. She's used to having boys all around so I think I fit right in. I'm loving my new home and I love Skyping with you and your momma. It was great seeing you the other day, you sure are a cutie. I wrote a little something about you too on my momma's blog,

    Love ya,

  2. Dash sure is a cutie, just like you are, Ruby! I'm glad you found yourself a purrrrpal :)

  3. What a great post and thank you for introducing us to Dash...I have the feeling that naughty little guy will grow to be a big naughty boy that will rule the house....I know both my cats rule this house..we are only here to serve them..:)

  4. Hello Ruby, thank you for introducing your brother to us! Same color (black) as my darling boy and as handsome! Heh hee. Pls keep us updated regularly. I'm sure curious to know what the two of you are up to. ;)

    Aunt Rheea

  5. Aw, he is ADORABLE!! So very cute! He and my Roxy look alike except that my Roxy is all black.