Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Let It Snow!

As a true NYC kitty, I love snow. I have to admit: my first winter in the big city has been disappointing! We've hardly had any snow at all.

This weekend looked promising. I waited and waited for snow all day long. I even fell asleep while waiting for it. Can you see outside? The snow did not come!

Today chance of snow is 100%! Yay! I will be sure to take pictures for you!



  1. ruby, you're such a good kitty to be laying so close to a plant and not chewing on it. i can't do that. therefore mommy had to get rid of all her houseplants. she got tired of finding trails of dirt and leaves all over the house. cali.

  2. Hey Ruby, Dash here. You are so lucky to have such a deep window ledge. My window sills are so narrow I can hardly sit on them. I hope you get the snow you wanted! xo Dash

  3. CUTE! We were literally snowed in yesterday! You could always come and visit me, Ruby :)