Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

Recently I read an article that said if once a week you write down three positive things that happened to you, you will feel happier! I am already a pretty happy person but I thought it'd be a fun exercise to do. So, here they are! Three things that made me happy this week were:

1. Going to a yoga class and getting sushi with Husband;
2. Taking my wax carvings to a caster!!! (more on this soon); and
3. Picking a name for a new Etsy shop - a collaboration with Alison! The name is cloudninejewelry, and more details are coming soon!

Share with everyone the three happy things that happened to you this week, and we'll do it again next Tuesday. :)


  1. i'll share my 3. picked the most awesome paint color for my foyer chest overhaul. closed the month of february with almost as much profit as november, peak holiday month. progress being made on kitchen reno. yay!

    love the shop name! can't wait to see everything! pam

  2. I love the idea of positive three Janna!

    1. Same as you, so excited about our collaboration and that we picked cloudninejewelry for our shop name.
    2. Eating healthy once again
    3. My sweet husband, who knows just when to step up and help me without being asked.

  3. I'll join in the fun :)

    1. I had a terrific 35th birthday :D I do believe that we get better with age ;)

    2. The weather finally broke and I've been able to get outdoors and walk. We haven't seen the sun in months so this is a very big deal.

    3. Mr. V and I have been cooking a lot of Thai food together at home ~ also a big deal since he doesn't like to cook much. It's been a fun thing for us to do together.

    Let's hear the details of your new shop!

  4. What a great post topic!!!
    1. Enjoyed sushi with Mrs. jaCjewerly tonight.
    2. Held a productive meeting at work with vendors.
    3. Finished a great book!

  5. husband.... what book? always looking for recommendations. pam