Saturday, March 6, 2010

Valentine's Orchids

Husband gave me two beautiful orchids in lieu of flowers this Valentine's Day! They are so so pretty.

This one didn't survive the trip as well as the other. After some emergency care, I nurtured it back to health.

I have never been able to get an orchid to bloom again. This time I am committed. See? I even have orchid fertilizer! If you know the secret to getting orchids to bloom, I'd love to hear it.

Or maybe this is the real culprit?!


  1. Your photos look amazing Janna and what gorgeous Orchids! You must have a green thumb because the poor thins would have been dead by my hand. Way to go on nurturing it back to health!

    P.S. Ruby looks so cute! xo Ruby!

  2. Oh, I think you know all about my experience with orchids! Love 'em, though. Fertilizer hasn't worked for me, but maybe I am too impatient to wait for them to re-bloom. They always end up in le garbage. :(