Monday, April 12, 2010

A Visitor Distracted Successfully

We had a visitor. The house was a complete mess. We got away with it because:

1. The visitor is a man and cares not about cleanliness.
2. We had these pretty tulips to distract him. (Yes, he cares not about cleanliness but he does care about flowers. Stranger things have happened.)


  1. Those tulips are gorgeous!!

    So . . . having fresh flowers will deter visitors from noticing a messy house?? I'll have to try that trick :)

  2. pretty! i just got some lilac tulips at the farmers market saturday.

    was it your birthday? if so, happy birthday!pam

  3. Gorgeous flowers Janna! Too funny, men are great, they don't mind messes like we do and they are easily distracted, LOL.