Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chia and a Visitor!

Hi everyone!

Long time no "see". I have missed you!
Check this out, Momma grew me my very own pet salad!

She thought I'd like it, but I don't. It is slippery and hard to eat. Maybe if she puts some dressing over it and adds tomatoes (which I LOVE), it would be better.
She is also growing human herbs! Here we have, in this order, basil, cilantro and chives. Or maybe it is cilantro, basil and chives.

Chives are in there somewhere... Chia ripped Momma off by only providing 7-8 seeds instead of the promised 50, so if we do grow them, it'll be a miracle. It's not looking good though, is it?

I diligently check on them daily and make sure they get enough light and water.

In other news, MY GODMOTHER IS VISITING THIS WEEKEND!!! She is coming to see me all the way from California! Momma thinks Alison is coming to see her... shhh don't tell her. It's always been me. It'll be a great weekend!

Take care, everyone! Talk soon.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sports are Ruining My Life

Here I am, sitting at home on a lovely Saturday night. My facial earlier in the day has done weird things to my hair, and it's too hot to wear a hat. While my post-facial skin looks radiant and glowing and pretty, my hair is a different story. I decide that it's best for everyone if I just stay indoors for the rest of the afternoon.

I clean up a little (emphasis on a little). I get a Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap delivered for dinner. There is lots more to clean, but I am pretending that there is nothing to do and decide to watch some TV.

If you know me, you know that I don't normally watch a lot of TV. I hardly watch movies. I look to see what's on. I see that a movie called "27 Dresses" is about to come on. I read the description, and it's halfway-decent. I ask myself if it's worth two hours of my time. Probably not, but since the alternative is to clean, I convince myself that it is.

I tune into the much-anticipated screening of "27 Dresses". What do I find on TV instead?


Sports continue to ruin my life. {All sports except basketball.}

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

It has been a while we've done Happy Tuesday... So here it is! Here are the three things that made me happy last week:

1. We got together with a good friend for dinner; tried a new Cajun restaurant and loved it! Can't beat good food and good company on a Friday night. :)

2. Husband and I enjoyed a quiet weekend together. It was just perfect! We had not had a weekend to ourselves in quite some time because of his work schedule and our recent travels.

3. I planted my Chia herbs this weekend, and basil has already sprouted! (Or maybe it is cilantro.) Either way, the teeny sprouts are so cute! I can't wait for them to grow nice and strong.

Let's hear your three things!