Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chia and a Visitor!

Hi everyone!

Long time no "see". I have missed you!
Check this out, Momma grew me my very own pet salad!

She thought I'd like it, but I don't. It is slippery and hard to eat. Maybe if she puts some dressing over it and adds tomatoes (which I LOVE), it would be better.
She is also growing human herbs! Here we have, in this order, basil, cilantro and chives. Or maybe it is cilantro, basil and chives.

Chives are in there somewhere... Chia ripped Momma off by only providing 7-8 seeds instead of the promised 50, so if we do grow them, it'll be a miracle. It's not looking good though, is it?

I diligently check on them daily and make sure they get enough light and water.

In other news, MY GODMOTHER IS VISITING THIS WEEKEND!!! She is coming to see me all the way from California! Momma thinks Alison is coming to see her... shhh don't tell her. It's always been me. It'll be a great weekend!

Take care, everyone! Talk soon.



  1. Aw...Ruby, I love your posts, sometimes more than your mommy's but pssst...dont tell her! ;-)

  2. Ruby it sure was all about you this weekend, you are the cutest and I loved seeing how much you love your momma. It was cute to see your naughty side too, don't worry though your momma loves you no matter what!

  3. When is Ruby going to post again? I want to know what she is up to these days. Almost two weeks?!?