Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

It has been a while we've done Happy Tuesday... So here it is! Here are the three things that made me happy last week:

1. We got together with a good friend for dinner; tried a new Cajun restaurant and loved it! Can't beat good food and good company on a Friday night. :)

2. Husband and I enjoyed a quiet weekend together. It was just perfect! We had not had a weekend to ourselves in quite some time because of his work schedule and our recent travels.

3. I planted my Chia herbs this weekend, and basil has already sprouted! (Or maybe it is cilantro.) Either way, the teeny sprouts are so cute! I can't wait for them to grow nice and strong.

Let's hear your three things!


  1. Your weekend sounds so lovely..Mine was doing laundry, groceries, and some work in my shop and of course Husband of Wonder in his shop turning wood..It was quiet but that's okay...

  2. Hi Janna ~ long time no chat :) Glad to hear you're well!

    Last week was busy but absolutely wonderful :D

    1. I, along w/ my siblings, threw my parents a surprise party for their 40th anniversary. It was perfect in every way!

    2. My brother flew in from Florida. He brought the gorgeous weather with him. We went to a Tiger baseball game and they won! A sure sign that summer is almost here ;)

    3. My best friend from college is coming for a visit this weekend. Can't wait!