Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sports are Ruining My Life

Here I am, sitting at home on a lovely Saturday night. My facial earlier in the day has done weird things to my hair, and it's too hot to wear a hat. While my post-facial skin looks radiant and glowing and pretty, my hair is a different story. I decide that it's best for everyone if I just stay indoors for the rest of the afternoon.

I clean up a little (emphasis on a little). I get a Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap delivered for dinner. There is lots more to clean, but I am pretending that there is nothing to do and decide to watch some TV.

If you know me, you know that I don't normally watch a lot of TV. I hardly watch movies. I look to see what's on. I see that a movie called "27 Dresses" is about to come on. I read the description, and it's halfway-decent. I ask myself if it's worth two hours of my time. Probably not, but since the alternative is to clean, I convince myself that it is.

I tune into the much-anticipated screening of "27 Dresses". What do I find on TV instead?


Sports continue to ruin my life. {All sports except basketball.}


  1. Well, I love baseball (and basketball) . . . but if the YANKEES were on, I would have had to flip the channel, too!! :0