Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Days are... Well, First Days

This week I started a new job (not new new - just a new role in a new department). I moved offices and unpacked Friday so that I would be ready to go on Monday morning.

I come to work on Monday bright and early - 8:45AM. I am very excited about my new job and am looking forward to meeting the team.

I get to my cube and notice that I have three missed calls. I am shocked as in my previous job I hardly got any phone calls, and practically never when I wasn't there. To see THREE missed phone calls first thing in the morning on my first day startles me.

I look through the missed calls directory and don't recognize the number. Then I notice that the screen and font on my phone look different than they did before I moved. (Both my phone and number moved with me). I think it's because I am in a new building.

Then I look at the handwriting in my notebook and think, wait a minute, this is NOT my handwriting!..

I look around and realize... THIS IS NOT EVEN MY CUBE!!!

So much for a good start to a first day at a new job!


  1. I love this story! I think it's a great and memorable way to start you new job, you'll never forget it that's for sure!