Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I recently discovered new body and hand products from L'Occitane.  The only word to describe them is: heavenly!

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I had seen L'Occitane stores but had never shopped  there until a few weeks ago. I had some time to kill at the airport and needed new hand lotion (independently of having time to kill at the airport); I stopped in L'Occitane to see what it was all about.  The store was tastefully decorated, and the sales lady was very sweet without being overbearing.  She told me a bit about the company.  It is a French company, and I love anything French (L'Occitane just sounds so much prettier than Bath and Body Works, doesn't it?).  I also liked that L'Occitane fragrances are all natural (as are the rest of the ingredients).

I settled on these two products: Shea Butter Hand Cream (pictured above) and Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream.  The sales lady had a customer who came in looking for this very same hand cream.  He said that this cream is what guides at Mount Everest recommend hikers use when they hike the mountain, as it is the only cream that will keep their hands moist.  I don't have any trips scheduled to Mount Everest, but if I did, I wouldn't worry that my hands would dry out!  Seriously, the cream is incredible, and so is the body cream! I have found new favorites, and am looking forward to trying other L'Occitane products next time I want a treat!

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  1. i use this. the hand cream. wonderful. it's the only thing that heals my dry, cracked hands in the winter.

    you should read 'trail of crumbs' by kim sunee. it's her story of her affair with the founder of l'occitane.