Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meet Max!

Max was an itty bitty kitten, just born, when my Aunt's friend (let's call this nice friend Aunt V) found him and saved him.  Aunt V was walking home from work when she saw a box with a Mama cat and a littler of newborn kittens.  Just like that, someone abandoned the mom and the babies in the middle of the street, along with a few cans of food.  Aunt V couldn't just walk by, so she scooped them all up and brought them home to two cats and a dog of her own.

Max was nameless then.  But he and his siblings and Mama had a home (albeit temporary), and were no longer in harm's way.  Aunt V nurtured and loved and fed them until they were two months old.  Then she made flyers and distributed them all over, and got the kittens and their Mama adopted to good homes.

That's how Momma's sister got Max, and now I have a cousin!  He is naughty and bites A LOT.  I have to admit, I bit a lot when I was little, but not as much as Max.  I call him Mr. Bite!

Momma got to spend a few days with Mr. Bite, and he is a funny little thing.  The vet says he'll be a big boy when he grows up!  I too hope to meet him one day.

Thank you, Aunt V, for saving Max and his family!  We are forever grateful to you!



  1. He's adorable Ruby! I love black cats and what a sweet story of how he came to be in the family. Max is one lucky kitty!

  2. Aw, Max is cute. Hope you have a great wknd!