Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wine Tour!

Recently we visited three vineyards on the beautiful Long Island.

It was a picture-perfect day, warm and sunny.  We found the tour to be fascinating and educational; most importantly, we had a grand time!  Our first stop was Clovis Point - a boutique vineyard that produced its first bottle of wine just a few years ago.  We loved everything about it - the people, the feel of the vineyard, the wine itself.  We saw some gorgeous Cabernet Franc still hanging on the vines.  For the first time, we tried a Chardonnay aged in a stainless steel container rather than an oak barrel; the difference in taste was remarkable!

To ripen the grapes in the few warm months, the staff really has to baby them, which includes covering the vines with nets to protect them from birds.

You will not find Clovis Point wines at the wine store; you can purchase them online or by joining the Wine Club.

We stopped at a local farmer's market stand.  There we saw pumpkins and pumpkin-like things and purchased the most delicious blueberry muffin!

The next stop was Macari Vineyards - a much larger winery located on hundreds of acres.  This vineyard is as close as you can get to an organic vineyard on Long Island.  While everyone has to spray the grapes to destroy fungus prevalent on the Island, Macari has a number of compost piles and grows its grapes as organically as the conditions allow.  We especially enjoyed the delectable Block E wine - a sweet dessert wine prepared in the ice wine style.

Unlike Clovis Point wines, you can find Macari-produced wines in a variety of stores.
Our third and final stop was Laurel Lake Vineyards.  Juan, one of the owners, was so personable and hospitable that we felt like we were old friends visiting his home.  You could just tell that he pours his heart and soul into his wines!  We got to go to the wine cellar and taste some wines right out of the barrels!  We also blended our own wine from three red wines, and took our custom blends home.  You can purchase Laurel Lake wines through a wine club or online.

What a fantastic day!


  1. gorgeous!!! love visiting wine regions - we have a great area not to far from Sydney called Hunter Valley - love going there for weekend wine trips!

  2. what a fun day. i need those wire nets to keep the animals away from my garden!love the small funky pumpkins. pam

  3. Great pictures Janna! Looks like you had a great experience, I love the vinery photos, beautiful!

  4. I adore the North Fork, we have friends with a wonderful home there.
    The wineries, farm stands, and scenery are glorious!

  5. What a great time of the year to visit! Have a wonderful weekend. xx

  6. Hi Janna,
    Thanks for taking me there! In pictures! Beautiful photos and such a great description. Those wineries should give you a hefty commission! Great post, xoxo