Saturday, April 2, 2011

This Week

Another week flew by... I swear, a minute anywhere else is only 45 seconds in NYC.  I know it sounds crazy, but that's how it feels!  Here is a quick recap of what I have been up to:
  • My Blue Devils lost to Arizona and were out of the tournament - just like that.  I was devastated.  Husband was devastated, but for a different reason.  Now that Duke is out, I have no interest in watching the rest of the tournament, and Husband is sad.
  • Finally!  I had some time to create a couple of new designs.  I will share them as soon as I photograph them - stay tuned!
  • My little girl Ruby turned two years old!  Her favorite color is red.  I got her these pretty flowers.  I learned their name, but as soon as I threw away the tag and put them in a vase, I forgot it.  If you know, do let me know!  I have loved them forever.  They have a very faint scent that reminds me of peonies. No wonder - I bet they're related, because they even look like peonies a little bit.  Ruby liked them!