Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Wearables - New Personalized Hand-Stamped Jewelry

If you receive my monthly newsletter, you already know all about my new line of personalized jewelry! (And if you don't receive it, you should - sign up in the box to your right!)

This line features unique hand-stamped jewelry that you can customize with names, initials, phrases and dates! I've even got the numbers stamps. (The 6 is the same stamp as the 9, only upside down - still getting used to that one). These personalized mementos make great graduation presents, anniversary gifts, Birthday presents and more!

You will not find anything like Bloom Necklace and Bloom 2 Necklace, $65 each, anywhere else! They feature hand-sculpted bead caps shaped like flowers! Most designers use ready made bead caps that usually do not have individual petals. Those caps come already domed, whereas mine are flat, and I dome them myself! That makes them perfect for stamping, up to five or six letters or numbers on each bloom. Each little petal fits an initial or a single-digit number.

The cute Heart and Birdie charms, $40 each, are also my very own designs, hand-carved and cast in sterling silver. You can stamp an initial or number on both sides! Add them to a bracelet, or turn them into a necklace for an understated memento.

More stamped designs will be in my shop shortly (most likely as soon as this weekend!), including personalized Cancer Awareness and Support the Troops bracelets!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

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  1. Very unique and beautiful craftsmanship. I love them all!